Come on in and hear all about the ministry, the movie, the book, the author! You are in for a most exciting ride! The movie itself will bring you intense emotions...tears of laughter and tears of joy! But you'll also find yourself rooting for many characters in many situations, and cheering for the victories that you feel so very much a part of! 

And if you'd like to get regular updates or if you have questions, comments, or would like to be on our email list and part of what we do (if you'd be interested in being an "extra" in the movie when we begin filming).... please fill out the Contact form.   You WILL hear back from us!   We never share emails!


As you scroll through the pages of the website, you'll get to know the author of the novel, In The Garden. Be sure to click on the Christal Kahles page! She has an amazing story!  You'll read about the ministry that was born many years before the novel was published, whereby the SEED for miracles, hope, faith and dreams coming true was planted! Christal has now begun her own ministry.

Beginning in the Fall 2016, you'll be able to come to Christal's page & see her blog each day. She's also going to be uploading to YouTube so you can catch her that way also! Boot Camp will have a TV broadcast for you to see our services, special interviews, and topics of interest! Please pray for us as we expand our tents. Its been a dream, and a seed planted by God nearly 18 years ago.  We are finally seeing the manifestation of God's promises! May HE get all the glory!

We appreciate your support and prayers as  we  work  vigorously  to  bring our 'book to screen' project to  film, and then bring that film to a  theatre   near    you!    It   is   our   belief   that lives will be changed and hope restored through this amazing, heartwarming...Female-Driven, Faith Based Film....  IN THE GARDEN!

Thank you for supporting all of us here at IN THE GARDEN, BOOT CAMP & CHRISTAL KAHLES MINISTRIES!   God bless each and every one of you!  Thank you for your patience & support as we have worked to get each phase of the ministry ready to launch! We covet your prayers as we continue on this journey to reach souls for Christ and Glorify God for His never ending love & Grace!